As I want to pay back my Help to buy loan your help is needed for an RICS valuation report. The house had been valuated one time in Aug/2016 with the price of 350,000 pounds which is much higher than my expectation and thus I didn't have enough money to pay back the loan at that time.

If it's possible, I hope you can give an estimated value based on the value 3 years ago and the market trend.

The full information about the house are as below:

The name(s) and title(s) of the person/people in whom the paperwork is to be prepared; -- FANG LINGGANG
The full postal address of the property you require to be valued; -- 10 Bristol Drive, Upper Cambourne, Cambridge, CB23 6JE

Your current home address if different from above; -- BLK124 Riverview drive, Sengkang, Singapore

What is the purpose of the valuation? -- To pay back 20% of the help to buy a loan.

Is the property a house or flat? -- House

If a house, is it detached/semi/terraced? -- detached.

If a flat, on which floor of the block is it and how many floors are in the block?

Is it freehold or leasehold? -- Freehold

Do you know approximately when the property was built? -- 2015, May

When did you purchase it (month and year is fine)? -- 2015, May

How much did you pay for it (and was that the 100% value)? -- 300,000 pounds

How many bedrooms does the property have? -- 4 bedrooms

How many bathrooms does the property have (not including separate WCs)? -- 3 bathrooms

Does the property have a garage and/or off-street parking? -- garage

Does it have a garden? -- Yes

If a flat, does it have any terraces or balconies?