Surveyor Local

The content of survey reports will vary considerably due to factors including the age, type, location and condition of the property, and materials used in its construction. The Full Structural Survey has been renamed by RICS as a Building Survey, although it is essentially the same level of survey. If the UK property is an apartment, or is 100 or more years old, or has been substantially modified, or is of non standard construction, RICS advise the cheaper HomeBuyer Report. If you are planning to do any major works on the UK property, you should you go for a Building Survey.

The Building Survey is less cheap but it will offer an in-depth analysis of the UK property's condition as well as advice on defects as well as maintenance options. For more detailed advice get a UK Home Survey Quote via our website or call 0845 519 9589 to speak to our survey team. There are three main types of home buyers survey, the HomeBuyer Report, the Building Survey and the Property Valuation Report.