Rogers Stevens Chartered Surveyors

Rogers Stevens & Chance Chartered Surveyors have always been based in the Medway Towns and have a great quantity of local knowledge and experience in property. The firm was first established on the 6th March 1908 by Claude E.T. Rogers working from offices at 305 High Street Rochester. We moved to 348 High Street Rochester in 1923 and onto 10 New Road Avenue, Chatham in 1946. Claude Rogers had 3 sons two which Frank and Paul came to work for the firm and Paul's twin brother Peter Rogers went onto to create and produce the Carry on Film Series. In 2003 we moved to The Admirals' Offices in the fascinating surroundings of the Chatham Historic Dockyard. Originally the firm dealt with predominantly breweries, public houses and other licensed premises. These services are still provided, but we have developed to offer a vast array of general practice surveying and professional services, relating to property, land and buildings.