Keates Hulme

Established in 1996 by Chris Hulme and Richard Johnson, Hulme Associates was designed to be a multidisciplinary practice, working within both the commercial and residential markets. The absorption of Stanley Keates Stoke office, headed by Andrew Johnson has seen a huge change in the makeup of the firm and with the rebranding of our image a new force has emerged designed to take the company forward into the next decade. We opened our new Longton Branch in summer 2014 with our usual brand livery and incorporating state of the art window and wall displays together with rolling displays on TV screens. This office serves the Longton, Trentham, Fenton, Lightwood, Meir Park and Meir Heath areas and is headed by Shelly Parkhouse ably assisted by Dan Ray, Angela Crooks, Jim Parkhouse and our resident mortgage advisor Rob Davies of Mortgage Advice Bureau.